Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sign up for the All Monona NCAA Pool

Sign up for the all Monona 2010 NCAA Pool and check out this post at the Pool's very own blog.

The dealio is:

Welcome to Monona 2010 NCAA Pool

Welcome to the official blog of Monona's Official 2010 NCAA Pool. 

I have created a group on ESPN that is open to Monona people (residents, friends, people who work in Monona) although since I'm going to publish the link, group name and password, I guess anyone can join. If you can mention your city connection that would be fun. And the point is to have fun - and to win, win, win the pool.

There is NO entry fee and NO money at stake.

I have set up an NCAA college basketball pool over on ESPN's Tournament Challenge web site. You must enter before the games start at 11 AM on Thursday, March 18. Nothing is at stake, except bragging rights....

You will have to register for a free ESPN account. The details:

This message is from Doug Wood who is challenging you to play Tournament Challenge on

Get in on the excitement of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with the web's most popular bracket game. To get in the game simply complete a bracket by the first tip of the tournament. Points are awarded for each correct pick, with point values increasing as the Tournaments progress. Create or join a private group to compete amongst your friends, family, and co-workers. Or join a public group and compete against ESPN celebrities or like-minded fans from around SportsNation. Come out on top and you could win $10,000. Free to play, sign up now!

Get in the action now:
Group: Monona's 2010 NCAA Pool
Password: monona

The pool is also 'locked', meaning you cannot change your picks after the tournament starts. Not that I don't trust you, but hey, this is the NCAA tournament!
The scoring rules:

Round 1 - 10 points per pick
Round 2 - 20 points per pick
Round 3 - 40 points per pick
Round 4 - 80 points per pick
Round 5 - 160 points per pick
Round 6 - 320 points per pick

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