Saturday, February 06, 2010

Please READ - The Sewing Machine Project Reaches Out to Haiti

Please check out this message from Monona's own Margaret Jankowski, founder and leader of the The Sewing Machine Project.

After watching the crisis unfold in Haiti, the leadership group at TSMP decided to act.

Go here to read their urgent appeal for help. And then help. "Think globally, act locally" may be an over-used cliche, but in this case it fits like a glove (a well-sewn glove, too).  You want to help the people of Haiti in their extremity, but you also want to make sure the money is well spent.  Give to people like Margaret and the rest of the TSMP leadership - people we know and who live right here in our town and rest easy.

Time is short, very short. A donation of money is the best way to deliver the help.

Please donate by February 28.

The following is excerpted from the The Sewing Machine Project's special web site:

Help for Haiti

Donate MoneyAlthough we receive many donations of products and services, we will need funding to make this outreach effort a success. Cleaning machines, transporting machines to the port, paying for the extra pieces of the puzzle--it all requires financial support.  Please earmark your donation for "Haiti relief".

USAID has connected us to Family Outreach Ministries International. We will partner to deliver sewing machines and sewing supplies to the Haitian people. In addition, through Family Outreach Ministries, we will deliver clothing to the children in the orphanages they serve.
Time is of the essence!
We are currently collecting machines and clothing to include in a shipment leaving the United States in early March. Your donation needs to be in our hands no later than February 28, 2010.

Your help is needed now. This is your chance to directly help mend communities.
[End of Excerpt]

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