Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monona Library Director Demita Gerber in the News

In case you missed it - and how could you since it was on top of page 1 of the WSJ business section - Monona Library Director Demita Gerber was featured in a fairly lengthy feature today's paper.

And check out the wistful comment from a resident of the suburban New York burg that she left to come to Monona:

"Monona has been so fortunate to win Demita Gerber's time and energy. Her vision and dedication are exceptional, and to be a city that supports that speaks very well for its selectmen and women.

I am wistful, as I still live in the town she left. We have a beautiful library, thanks largely to Demita. I wish she were still around to help it fulfill all its promise.

Lucky Mononans"

Hear, hear!

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