Monday, February 01, 2010

Monona City Council Preview - February 1, 2010

The Monona city council meets tonight (February 1). Here are some of the items on our plate:


Unfinished Business (Approval Requested Unless Otherwise Noted).

Resolution Approving Participation in a County-Wide Radio System with Conditions. Supports establishment of a county-wide interoperable radio and data system provided Dane County pays the operating and maintenance costs for the radio system, and that an intergovernmental agreement addresses communication governance, cost sharing and ownership of the system.

The County Executive and County Board Chairman have proposed to pay half of the operating and maintenance expenses in 2013 and thereafter Dane Conty would be treated as a "system user" and be billed based on its usage. They propose that the governance structure be based on participation in the system (duh), but they do not offer any specific governance structure.

I doubt that either of these conditions will be acceptable. For this system to really work we need 100% participation and we will not reach 100% if the county does not pay the costs to operate and maintain the system. Five counties have county-wide interoperable systems; in four counties the county pays 100% of the O&M costs and they have 100% participation. In the one county where the county does not pay 100%, they have much less than 100% participation.

Resolution Approving the Terms of Contracts with the Teamsters Union Local 695/Public Works Department.

Resolution to Contract Building Inspection Services with the Village of McFarland. Replaces Independent Inspections.
Authorization to Proceed with a Water Rate Increase and Authorization to Change Public Fire Protection Ranges.

New Business.

Purchase Approval of Two Police Vehicles. Implements the 2010 capital budget.
Approval of Multi-Band Mobile and Portable Police Radio Purchase. Implements the 2010 capital budget.
Ordinance Amending Section 6-1-4 of the Code of Ordinances Regarding Sidewalks. Allows discretion to construct sidewalks less than one block in length.

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