Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PSC Brief - December 15

The Monona Public Safety Commission took action on several items last evening (December 15), including a recommendation the proposed DaneCom interoperable radio system. Here is an earlier post that included a discussion of DaneCom. More on that in the next post.

PSC Agenda 12-15-09

The commission recommended approval of a revised Monona Residential Traffic Management Program (RTMP), which basically establishes process and a framework for consideration of residential traffic issues. (Earlier post with links to an earlier version:Monona PSC Brief - Traffic).

The commission recommended approval of a Contract with the Village of McFarland for Building Inspection Services.
PSC 12-15-09 Item 6a. The current contract with Independent Inspections would be terminated.

The commission recommended partial approval of the installation of sidewalks for the north side of Winnequah Road west of Healy Lane to the lagoon and the south side of Winnequah Road from the lagoon east to the end of city property. The commission approved a sidewalk on the ball diamond side of the street, but not the other side.

The commission reviewed of Fire Chief Job Announcement/Description. One item of discussion was whether to require the residency. Chief Van Etten made a compelling case that residency should not be required. The commission recommended residency within a 10 mile radius (same as the police chief). PSC 12-15-09 Item 6c

The commission recommended approval of participation in the County’s Interoperable Voice Radio Communication System provided that a new governance system is established and that Dane County pays the operating and maintenance costs. PSC 12-15-09 Item 6e.

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  1. Do you have a map of the proposed sidewalks?

  2. No, but the sidewalk that PSC approved would connect to the existing sidewalk that runs along Healy and carry that west toward the lagoon where it would end.

    The other proposed sidewalk would be on the other side of the street where the "fishing parking lot" is located.