Friday, September 04, 2009

My Bike Commute


  1. Good for you for riding that bike-I am also thinking about ways to rid my body of this excess that has gone on too long-speaking of excess.

    It is my observation that the three lanes on the lower part of Monona Drive works very well. Has the police department noticed any upticks in accidents? Frankly, I wonder if four lanes is a good idea for the upper part. There is a school of around urban design that says wider roads are bad.

    Thus why not make the upper part of Monona drive three lanes. It would have to save money (road costs, land costs and etc.) and have all sorts of other benefits that I have not thought about-love to hear your thoughts-

    Henny cuttin’ back Penny

  2. The temporary left turn lane on the south end of Monona Drive has made turning left onto Monona Drive from any business MUCH MUCH easier.

  3. I think we are all pleased (and yes, a bit surprised) at how well traffic has moved. I would suggest a strong dose of caution in extrapolating from traffic expereince under construction conditions to normal conditions.

    My impression - and this is totally a subjective observation - is that traffic volume is down, i.e. people may be just be avoiding Monona Drive during construction.

    In the earlier stages of concept and design, we did seriously consider the three-lane configuration and determined the traffic volumes were too high.