Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Question

Here's mine:

Query: What are the top three threats to Western Civilization?


  1. fractulaization of society and/or collapse of the financial markets.
    Henny Penny

  2. Wisconsin property tax bills.

  3. Civilisation as localized by power and wealth centers seems less attractive than a more universal sense of 'humanity',i.e. organization to protect the species from biological and chemical threats in our environment. This civilization needs a political structure which stresses our need for a common good which is not divisable by 'interests', especially by global market forces.
    Western Humanity as exceptional must be discarded if we are to survive.

  4. "fractulaization of society".

    Did you mean fractions? They have messed up many a school child.

    If not fractions, then what do you mean by 'fractualization'?

  5. America is great because of innovation. Think about it how many things we take for granted were invented here. Technology, medicine, manufacturing, etc.

    It seems that we live in fear now. Every car commercial advertises how many airbags it has. We fear being sued (is there a society that is more litigious?). We lock people up at a higher rate than any other country. We run to the doctor when we have a runny nose. We drive our kids to school because the media has made us afraid.

    Fear stifle innovation.

  6. Religion

  7. lack of connection to people (people becoming more and more closed off with their technology)

    Global Warming

    Depletion of fossil fuels

  8. 'Smallpox. seriously'.

    Explain, please.

  9. "Fear stifles innovation." I don't think so. Take one of your own examples. Fear fostered air bags. Fear, anxiety, angst; all of it leads to innovation. Happy, satisfied, secure people don't need to innovate.

  10. Read the "Demon in the Freezer"

    I'm gonna quit saving for retirement and worrying about the future. Live fast, fun and enjoy myself before it's too late....:)

  11. Anti-intellectualism