Monday, August 31, 2009

Mottoes and Maps and Cheese

While rigorously researching the new phrase thingy in my blog's header (yeah, it's up there at the top), I was reminded of Tony Earl's 'Eat Cheese or Die' campaign (discussed on the Cheese Underground). Which led me to the blog Strange Maps' post about state mottoes including this great map of state slogans.

As it says there: The USA mottoes map itself can be found on the Two Eyeballs website, where the artist Emily Wick showcases her work.

Strange Maps has some other great maps, including one of the undiscovered, nonexistent island of Buss (sorry, no 'e'). You really should visit the Strange Maps blog. OK, just try this map with a Beer Garden of Bohemianism...


  1. Why the big signs up for so long? Pie in the sky when you die bye and bye?
    The sign ordinance should apply to these large signs in front yards and along the easements. Blight, indeed.

  2. Two signs are on Winnebago Squaw Road, one on the upper reaches and one near the Frost Woods intersection. There is another one elsewhere which I have seen, but don't recall the street.
    The library is also being used to place a sign on a shelf.
    From now till October we will be reminded that pie is related to obesity. Perhaps others can tell the location of more signs.

  3. I think those are the same two signs being moved around to attract attention for this community fund-raiser that is benefiting the library this year.

  4. The signs don't remind that pie is related to obesity, only that there is a pie party. Lighten up man.

  5. I apologize! The pie event is for a good cause and the signs are not that objectionable. Obesity is absurd.
    Mea Culpa!