Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Under Construction

I drove through the construction zone on Monona Drive on my way out of town yesterday and it seemed to operate pretty well except for the Monona Drive/Broadway intersection especially northbound.

Your Experiences? Comments? Observations? Suggestions?


  1. Monona Dr. north from Broadway is bad in the morning, but fine after rush hour.

    People are having a lot of trouble turning left from businesses onto Monona Dr. This is probably a sign of the future.

    People are still learning what "middle lane for left turn only" means and might take awhile to do so. Some still drive in the middle like it's a lane, others are turning left from the right lane.

    Lastly, some turning left from Pflaum are not yielding to those turning right from Nichols.

  2. Monona Drive NB at Broadway. I raised this situation at this morning's ad hoc committee meeting.

    The traffic barrels between Broadway and the Beltline require through traffic to merge into one lane *before* the intersection, which makes sense.

    However, that is also causing the traffic to back up and also preventing drivers who want to turn from reaching the turn lanes.

    The project engineer stated that they are aware of the situation and are monitoring an dhave asked the Dane Co. Sheriff to monitor the back ups because they could be extending on to the ramps.

    Left-turns. Yes, I have seen people starting their left-turn from the through lane and then stop straddling both lanes. (Of course, this guy also did not have his turn signal on so maybe he was just a crappy driver!) Using the two-way left-turn lanes takes a learning curve, but it's not that tough. At least not for the intelligent and excellent residents of Monona.

  3. The TREES ARE GONE! I must say....I was thinking "this isn't so bad" until I saw today (7/28)how many were cut and then realized how many more trees are going to be cut down. will take some getting used to!

  4. Are they knocking down the pillars that are at the edge of the park? And weren't they the former gates to the looney bin at the top of the hill?

    Should they be saved?

  5. "Looney bin"? ....Looney bin? You really wrote 'looney bin'? Ever have anyone with mental illness in your family?

    Ok, yes, the pillars are coming down. That was the entrance road to the former TB sanitarium. There used to be a wrought iron fence that ran along the road and connected to the pillars. I thought it looked good, but that was removed when Tom Metcalfe was mayor after the city purchased the land.

    If you've looked at the posts up close, they really are not much special, IMHO. Nobody suggested moving them to save them.

  6. Yes, there will be a lot of trees removed, some high value and others not so much (like the ones by the church just south of Femrite). No other way to do it really. Like Joe Stalin always said, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs.