Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Monona Public Safety Commission Rejects Chickens

Among other items, the Monona Public Safety Commission voted unanimously to reject the proposed ordinance to allow the keeping of chickens in residential districts. (The Commission Chair, me, does not vote except in the case of a tie vote.) There was little discussion, but one concern expressed was that the city is lacking in the area of code enforcement and this chicken ordinance would add to the enforcement duties. I did point out that the city has received no complaints about the existing chicken coops.

Here is the commission's main listing.

In other action, the Commission approved the 5-year capital plans for Fire, EMS, Emergency Communications, and Police. Big ticket items include an ambulance in 2012 for $160,000 and an ongoing upgrade to the police/dispatch record management system.

The Commission approved the addition of stop signs at Midmoor and Greenway to make it a 4-way stop intersection. application/pdfPSC Agenda Item 6a.pdf

The Commission also approved a three-year extension of the agreement with MG School District and the Village of Cottage Grove for a school relations officer. application/pdfPSC Agenda Item 6b.pdf

All actions by the Commission are recommendations to the city council and not final decisions.

At a future meeting (probably July 22), the Commission will begin consideration of an ordinance to prohibit the use of cell phones and texting while driving.

The Commission also be looking at a pedestrian safety plan similar to Middleton and Marshfield


  1. "the Commission will begin consideration of an ordinance to prohibit the use of cell phones and texting while driving."

    This is an interesting one. If it goes through-I suggest that we take a GIANT NET at about 7:40am and 4:50 pm (weekdays) and toss it over our part of the beltline and then write tickets like mad.


  2. I think it is silly to pursue this kind of thing.

    We can't even stop the speeders on Winnequah Road! Now we're going to go after all the cell phone users?

    Yah, right.

  3. A pedestrian safety plan??? Wasn't that Chad's platform (even though it was twisted into sidewalks only). I was sure that with this current council this town would be as pedestrian/bike unfriendly as possible.

  4. Speeding. Maybe you don't speed on Winnequah often enough. Keep it up and the PD will be glad to write you a ticket....Or, I should say, the PD is making a concerted and sustained effort to enforce speed limits on Winnequah.

    Regulating cell phone use while driving was not my idea, but can we restrain ourselves from calling a new idea 'silly' as soon as we hear about it? Hmm, please?

    It is a mistake to think that everything Chad stood for was rejected since he and I stood for pretty much the same things. I came in first and he lost by one lousy vote. The mayor has also expressed strong support for improvements for pedestrians.

  5. How about a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding the chickens?! Look at how well it has worked out for the military.

    Wait, how about "Don't balk balk balk (chicken sounds), don't squawk squawk squawk (human complaining)."

    Yes my friends, we have a solution!

  6. 'How about a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding the chickens?! Look at how well it has worked out for the military.'

    Carl, I will assume this is not meant to be ironic. Respectfully, I could not disagree more.

    The policy has not worked for the nearly 500 gay and lesbian military personnel discharged *since Obama became President*.

    It does not work well when the military discharges people who serve the country well. This week there was a story about a discharged officer who had Arabic language skills. But, heck, why would we need that??

    And 'don't ask, don't tell' makes liars and hypocrites out of everyone who adheres to the policy.

    'Don't ask, don't tell' is symptomatic of the national Democrats lack of spine. They lack the courage to carry out their convictions.

    Now we should have local ordinances that we intentionally fail to enforce? What about new chicken-keepers? (BTW, Are chicken-keepers born that way or do they learn the behavior?)

  7. My comment was meant to be sarcastic. A late night programming session left me tired and slap-happy this morning. I was just having a little fun, nothing more. "Don't ask, don't tell" is a joke I agree that it doesn't work.

  8. Carl, oh well, then as Emily Litella would say, "Never Mind!".