Friday, July 24, 2009

Monona Pie Party Returns!

The famed Monona Pie Party returns for a third year. This year the pie party committee is working with the Friends of Monona Public Library to raise funds for the Early Literacy Program.

Mark your calendars: Eat Pie: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Monona Community Center, 1011 Nichols Road, Monona, Wisconsin.

A ten dollar suggested donation lets you carm pie in your pie hole to your heart's content. Twenty bucks for the whole family.


  1. free-range organic
    Chicken pot pie.........mmmmmmmmm

  2. What I want to know:

    Is there going to be category for people who are pretending to make pies (users of Crisco and store bought pie fillings)?

    And those of us who are making real pies. Real Pies with ingredients from local farmers that are healthier- lard (and more specifically leaf lard (and I am not telling you how I found leaf lard) and local fruit, berries and meat.)

    'cause the last time-the judges were not able to pick-up on these subtle differences and I lost.

    Henny Healthy Penny
    Ban Crisco Cheaters!

  3. maybe you can put in your description (if I recall there was a place for description) that this is a REAL pie. :)

    I hope it is cooler this year. By the end of the day the pies were getting so funky in the heat.

  4. Chicken pot pie?! They haven't decriminalized either one of those yet. Watch out!