Friday, July 03, 2009

Monona Community Festival Wife Carry 2007

The 2009 Wife Carry event is at 6 pm Saturday.

Click for the web site of the Monona Community Festival Committee


  1. Speaking of the festival, I was sad to see Monona's own Leeding Zeros were denied by whomever picks the bands for the festival. They've drawn a nice crowd the past few years at festival and they all live in Monona, including Doc Shrop. They've had success playing out at various venues around the Madison area, including Brat Fest and the High Noon Saloon. Seems like we should be supporting our own at something called the Monona "Community" Festival, ya know?

  2. Doug- Really nice festival and fireworks. Nice job to all who worked hard to put it on.

    One question though. How much do the fireworks cost the city? I've read stories about how some financially strapped cities cancelled their displays.

    Just curious!

  3. Selection of bands? While I can see your point, there are a handful of folks who put in many, many hours to put the festival together and pull it off. I defer to their judgment (esp. since I don't really know anything about the decision process!).

    Cost to city? The city does not pay for the fireworks, the festival committee does. City costs would include overtime for police, but I'm not sure the amount or if the festival reimburses the city. The festival also provides their own security.

  4. Festival commitee? Is that a private entitiy? Again, just curious.

  5. "Selection of bands? While I can see your point, there are a handful of folks who put in many, many hours to put the festival together and pull it off. I defer to their judgment (esp. since I don't really know anything about the decision process!).

    Yep, I think it was total bs and the zeros should have gotten a chance.

  6. Still, as citizens who always enjoy and support the festival, I gotta agree with MF about the exclusion of the Leeding zeros. They are a Monona Icon! They should always be at the festival!

    Big Bummer. Just in case any festival folks read this blog....

  7. Yes, the Monona Festival Committee is a private group. They donate the proceeds generously to the community.

  8. The word 'excluded' seems to suggest something unfair (maybe that is stronger than the commenters intend). Anyway, at least one of the bands did have a local connection (one of the band members is/was an MG teacher/asst. football coach).

  9. why does Lafollete school run the food tent? Where do the profits go? Not to MG I bet.

  10. Doug,

    Well, I did try to word it as gently as possible. As you know, we both know what it's like to work hard and have people who didn't help sit back and criticize. Still, I think a lot of folks were fairly surprised at the, um, hmm, yeah, sorry, I think "exclusion" is the word I'm looking for. Not sure I meant to imply "unfair." It is more accurately a significant difference of opinion. To the extent that we are customers of the festival, I think it's o.k. to voice this concern as long as it's done with respect for the people who organize.

    I do know the festival committee is always looking for new blood. I believe a few of the old stalwarts may be looking to step down. . . Anyone who is interested could probably contact Tim Turino.

  11. Food tent? I don't know, other than to say that the people working in the food tent are volunteers (except for the ones who wrok for the various restaurants).

    Here's where the money has gone:

    Over the years, the Monona Community Festival Committee has returned the money "made" at the festival to the citizens of Monona. Some of the items provided by the Festival Committee include:
    Monona Library Building Fund

    Monona Youth Dream Park

    The Winnequah Park Gazebo

    Mushroom Fountain in the Monona Community Kiddie Pool

    Purchased one of the Entrance signs to City

    Paid for Stained Glass Window in City Hall

    Donated trees and evergreens to the Monona Parks

    Developed and funded the Monona Promotional Brochure

    Provided funds for the Memorial Day Parade

    Assisted in funding Playtime Productions (a Theatre group for children)

    And they also contributed money to the skate park.

  12. I am going to say thank you to the committee and all volunteers for having the festival. I am glad I live in a place where I can walk to a 4th celebration and it gives my kids a sense of "roots' and tradition.

    Also, I want to thank the optimists, WPS Bank, and Monona State Bank for sponsoring some of the kids activities that took place at the dream park (firecracker hunt, cash hunt in the sand and the games at the shelter). It is a free or almost free thing that they provide year after year for our little ones. Our family looks forward to it each year.

  13. Hey wake up people! The Fog is a local Monona band with long time roots. Used to be called London Fog way back. I like he way the committee changes bands all the time. I don't know about you but I get sick of hearing the same bands year in year. But the BEST THING about the festival is no cover for the beer tent (like CG & others), better bands & $2.50 tallboys!! Are ya kiddin me?! I think it's a helleva festival!

  14. LaFollette doesn't run the Food Tent -- the festival does. Head Foodies Steve and Betsy Brooks "hire" a variety of non-profit groups, including the LaFollette cheerleaders and the Monona Swim & Dive Club, to work a shift in the tent in exchange for a donation to their group. It's a great way to get more members of the community involved.