Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ceremony for Monona Drive construction project set

Ceremony for Monona Drive construction project set

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From the Cap Times.

The ceremony will take place at 4:30 p.m. on the lawn of AmericInn Lodge & Suites, 101 E. Broadway. In the event of rain, the event will move inside the lobby of the AmericInn.


  1. I have only passively followed this Monona Dr. construction stuff, but am very saddened by the extensive loss of trees along Monona Drive. I don't recall seeing anything in the news articles that this would happen. I guess I would feel better if this was fully and openly addressed during the design and decision-making process. Was it?

    Also, is it o.k. to cut those oaks this time of year? Or is that just for trimming? Can cutting down an oak this time of year have an impact on the spread of wilt?

  2. My wife made the same comment about the cutting down of the trees. Isn't Monona one of those "Tree Cities USA?" In any case, I'll bet there is a plan to plant new ones.

  3. We are adding a median with left-turn bays, a sidewalk on the east side, and two 4'-wide bike lanes. So, there was no way to avoid cutting down trees.

    There will be landscaping, including trees, we are burying the power lines, and putting in 'entry features' at several lcoations.

    Yes, the fact that trees would be cut was well known to anyoine involved in the process, whether at the ad hoc committee or Plan Commission or city council. There is a desire to not just plant scrawny little trees. Larger trees cost more, of course. Plan Commission ahs reviewed the specifics.

    Monona Drive will be safer for all users, provide easier to access businesses, and will be far more attractive to look at. And these changes will make it more attractive for businesses to invest money to redevelop.

    I personally walked Woodland Park with the engineer and a key volunteer to see how far the construction would intrude into the park to help ID any native plants that were worth moving.

    To my knowledge none of the oak trees being cut has oak wilt. The DNR recommendation is not to prune oak trees from May to the end of July, so the project may have cut a day or two before the end of that period.

  4. Sounds good. It will be really nice when it's done. Sometimes it's hard to see that during the scorched earth phase.

    I am also wondering, can something be done, ordinance-wise, about the bikes on the sidewalk once the bike lanes are installed? The only reason I can see to not enforce the ordinance once we have bike lanes is the argument that we don't want kids on that busy street even in a bike lane. Couldn't we have an ordinance that prevents anyone over the age of 16 unless accompanied by a minor from riding on the sidewalk? Or couldn't the cops be directed to enforce it that way? It truly is a hassle for the people with driveways along that stretch. A really nice guy I know isn't nasty or anti-bike, but he has a heck of a time getting out of his driveway and often gets the middle finger and profanity from bikers. And as a pedestrian, I've had a close call with a Jerk in Lycra who was riding too fast and nearly mowed my dog over. It's a terrible mix on that sidewalk - even at 8 feet - and it shouldn't go unregulated once we have a bike lane.

  5. Well, you could run for mayor and enforce the ordinance.

    I would rather repeal the ordinance even after it is rebuilt. I can't see ever enforcing it against kids and families. I expect the Jerk in Lycra will be in the street.

    I have actually started riding my bike to work lately (we'll see if it lasts). It's about a 10-mile ride partly through or across some busy streets. It gives you a different perspective.

    There are plenty of oblivious drivers. You think people not using their turn signal is bad when you are in a car, try it when you are on a bike!

    It's funny that we call people who ride bikes 'bicyclists', but we don't call people driving cars 'car-ists'. In reality it's all mostly the same people. Some people get a little crazy when they get behind the wheel and others go goofy when they put on the spandex.

  6. The mayor gets to decide which ordinances are enforced and which ones aren't? Really? So the stealth chickens are always just one election away from doom?