Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proposed Chicken Ordinance at the Monona Plan Commission

On Monday, June 22, at 7 pm at the Monona Library Media Room, the Monona Plan Commission will return to the proposed ordinance to allow the keeping of up to 5 chickens (no roosters) at residences in single-family and two-family districts.

It is likely that the Plan Commission will vote on the measure and make a recommendation to the city council.

Anyone can register or speak during the appearance section which is at the beginning of the meeting. Your participation is important. Be brief, direct, and polite.

application/pdfChicken Ordinance 0676_001.pdf

Some concerns and ideas expressed by Plan Commission members at their April 13th meeting:

Ÿ Add or increase fees

Ÿ Increase separation from property line

Ÿ Give neighbors control over whether a household could have chickens or not

Ÿ Require approval from adjacent property owners in the application process

Ÿ Require a building permit

Ÿ Restrict building materials to certain ways of being painted or stained

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  1. Reading through this now, but I thought that these were interesting:

    "Ms. Kuzma said younger families said this is great and she spoke with some older families not in Monona who have been raised on farms and said "why do you want to keep chickens because they are a lot of work."

    "Chair Thomas said the (sic) most of the people she talk to who are older are opposed to it and think it's silly."

    Definitely seems to be a generational issue... While I probably would not keep chickens myself, I do support the rights of homeowners to raise them. The more self-sufficient we can be the better it is for us as a country and as a people.