Friday, June 19, 2009

Baltimore Oriole?

I took these pictures in my back yard (Monona, Wisconsin) today. Looks like either a tanager or an oriole, but I don't think tanagers have black heads. Perhaps it is a Baltimore Oriole or a Black-headed Grosbeak? I'm calling it a Baltimore Oriole because the Grosbeak doesn't live around here.

It was interesting that this bird was hanging out with several robins. Could he have been confused?


  1. Doug, Indeed you were looking at an oriole. They have a beautiful song and love grape jelly. Stop by sometime at old what's his name and he can show you a simple oriole feeder.

  2. Doesn't get any simpler than an orange half nailed to a board.

  3. Orioles love tall trees. Thanks for the pic.