Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Will 5% Mean? UPDATED

Update: It is now expected that the Governor's cuts in shared revenue to any particular community will be capped at 15%. Monona is a particular community. A 15% loss of shared revenue will be $26,283.

Original post:

Governor Doyle originally proposed cutting shared revenue by 1% overall. However, the one percent was spread unevenly.

According to the JS Online, Monona would receive $159,661 in 2010, a reduction of about $15,500 or -8.88%. Shared revenue cut hits communities unevenly - JSOnline

JS Online Chart from February 28, 2009.

Now Doyle has proposed a 5% cut in shared revenue.

State to seek 5% cut in school, local aid - JSOnline

It is unclear how that will be distributed. If it changes proportionally, Monona would be looking at a $77,000 cut.

Doyle has also now proposed to reduce school aid. Peter Sobol discussed that impact this week:


  1. Does Monona have reason to worry that the state will pull a full 45% of it's funding? If the Gov. does just multiply everything by 5 (so Monona loses 45% and Milwaulkee loses 1%) he's going to have a full-scale revolt on his hands...

  2. Fortunately, we do not rely on shared revenue that much to begin with, unlike cities like Beloit.

    Still, the logic is perverse. We get less shared revenue because of our relative wealth and then when it gets cut we lose a larger share of the already reduced amount - again because of our relative wealth. A double whammy.

    We shall see what the actual numbers are.

  3. What, exactly, is perverse about a system that (on the one hand) provides additional help for poorer communties (Beloit) in the first place, and then cushions the blow for those same communities when the state is short of cash?

    Don't we have similar distribution systems for things like Medicaid and food stamps?

  4. Exactly?! You demand exactitude?

    OK, I jest.

    I see your point, but my point is we are getting a lot, lot less upfront and then giving up a much larger proportion.

    Until we know what the numbers are we won't know the size of the problem.

  5. Will this delay Madison to Milwaukee high speed rail? Any updates on that?

  6. Are you doing OK, no coverage of the monona parade-feeling down or blue? I hope you are doing alright-

    In any case, I have a question for you. I am having a few friends over after the parade and we are going to try and set the brat eating record for Monona in one afternoon-do you know what it is?

    Bluntly, I think we already have the record (88) but some folks are contesting my claim to fame.
    Henny "the Brat" Penny

  7. "Will this delay Madison to Milwaukee high speed rail?" No, high-speed rail is awaiting final word on funding from the feds, which still seems very likely (95%+). Doyle's plan to furlough state workers may cause some (minor) delays.

  8. "Are you doing OK, no coverage of the monona parade-feeling down or blue? I hope you are doing alright-"

    Henny, thanks for your concern, but just haven't had time or material lately to post. And then I headed to my hometown in Southern Illinois for the weekend.

    (Now, if I lived in Cottage Grove, whoo!, would I have some material. Their politics makes us look a like a bunch of librarians...)

    I am going to the Brewers-Cardinals game at Miller Park tomorrow - frankly, I really do not enjoy being in the parade; it's weird, I know, for even a local pol, but I really do not enjoy being the center of attention.