Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Monona Drive Phase Two

The Ad Hoc Monona Drive Advisory Committee meets tomorrow at 7 a.m. at the library and the public is welcome, but I'm posting this information mainly for the links to the Phase Two presentation with design plans and the public comments.

MDC Packet April 09

The presentation by Foth: Public Information Meeting No. 2 Presentation

Public comments: Public Information Meeting No. 2 - Comments from Attendees


  1. Doug-

    For some reason, I thought there were 3 phase to this. If so, what is phase 3 and when is that going to be done.


  2. Carl, you are correct there are three phases. South is #1, North is #2, and Middle (Winnequah to Nichols) is #3. The third phase is likely to be 2013. And yes, I know we need to do something in the meantime and have been in talks with the county.