Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunny Violates First Rule of Holes

She may not have originated the saying, but the late great Molly Ivins (Molly Ivins, 1944-2007 AlterNet) certainly popularized it. The first rule of holes: when you're in one, stop digging.

First, in a recent column Sunny claimed traffic engineering was a fake profession. And then this week she broke out the garden tools again....

Monona Ald. Doug Wood, in his blog, and his daughter, Lindsay Wood Davis, in last week's letters to the editor, have been ragging on me for saying that traffic engineers aren't real engineers. They say traffic engineering is a subset of transportation engineering, which is a subset of civil engineering.

Oh, dear. Where to begin? I do indeed have a daughter named Lindsay, but she's not married to anyone named Davis or to anyone at all for that matter. She firmly denies having written any letters-to-the-editor.

The actual letter writing Lindsay Wood Davis, on the other hand, is not my daughter, which is good being as how that Lindsay is a he not a she. He is also a full-growed man, an expert in broadcasting, and Chairman of the Board for the River Alliance of Wisconsin.

Step away from the shovel, my friend.
(Picture is of Sunny's dad Franz Schubert).


Sunny's boo-boo gave me cause to look up Molly Ivins and I found this great quote:

Molly believed so strongly about defending our freedoms and our liberties....that she named the ACLU in her will, and she encouraged others to do the same. "I am writing to you on the cheerful topic of croaking," she began a 2004 letter to ACLU members. "Think about the hell the ACLU can raise with your money. They'll be out there beating those in power over the head with the Bill of Rights when we all lie a-moldering. I can't think of anything I'd rather do with my worldly goods than fund folks who will be a pain in the ass to whatever powers come to be."

From the Nation's Remembering Molly Ivins


  1. For a long while it was Mrs. Litchfield who gossiped Mononan. Now it is Ms. Schubert. The Herald Independent searches diligently to find such gems of local insight.
    I sure wish Molly Ivins were alive and well in Monona...her gossip was universal and couched in a lovable dialect which put Shrub's twang to shame. As she used to say of Bush...he's all hat and no cattle(or horse).

  2. Franz Schubert!!!
    That's rich, Doug. Very good. Brightened my mornng.