Saturday, October 07, 2006

First things first

This is my first time, so please be gentle. I'm an alder in the city of Monona, Wisconsin, so I plan to post comments about stuff going on in Monona and especially Monona city government. As far as that goes I'm especially interested in our parks, library, and roads.

However, I've been interested in baseball, history, books, and politics for a looong time. I'm a St. Louis Caridnal fan - born and bred - it's just in the blood. I've read many veins of history, but especially enjoy the American Civil War, the American Old West, WW II, and colonialism.

I probably read more than anything else; lately I've gotten into novels, literature even. I've found some great older nuggets like A.B. Guthrie's Old West novels, George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman series, Flannery O'Connors' short stories, and Rose Macaulay's The Towers of Trebizond ('Take my camel, dear'). I also enjoy Bernard Cornwell and Edward Rutherfurd's historical novels. You can check out my reviews on (

So anyway that's for starters. (And, no that's not really me in the picture -that's Ellis Branson my great-great-great grandfather b. 1799 in Maryland and d. 1866 in Marion County, Illinois)


  1. We need to get a NO Smoking ordinance in Monona.
    Our OWIs have increased by 40%.after the city of madison passed there laws.
    We need a smoke free work and dining city.

  2. What is your source for that data? How do you know that stat? Just curious who told you that? Can you prove it?

    I am not a ban fan. Where do we draw the line? Trans fat are next? Ban driving, dosen't that take more lives?

  3. Trans fats are an artificial ingredient that the food companies added for their convienence (and profit) without any consideration for the consequences. It turned out that trans fats are worse for you than any natural fats, even the saturated ones. It is illegal for a food company to put a fast acting poison in food, so why is it not illegal for them to put a slow acting one?